USB4 Test Fixtures With Microcontroller


  • Supports 40 Gb/s data rate
  • Supports basic power delivery testing
  • Supports Ice Lake electrical testing
  • Capable of sourcing up to 85 W
  • New CIO-based test fixtures
  • 85 Ohm design

General Description

Wilder’s robust next-gen USB4 Microcon-troller solution provides DisplayPort 1.4 support and USB Type-C host compatibil-ity. The USB4 Microcontroller along with Type-C TPAs can be used for testing Type-C hosts and devices.

uCtrlr and TPAs Kit: 640-0961-000

Wilder强大的下一代USB4™ 微控制器解决方案可提供USB Type-C®主機相容性。 USB4微控制器與USB Type-C TPA一起可用於測試USB Type-C 主機和設備。