microSDX CLB and CBB Adapter


  • Supports advanced memory interface protocols of PCIe® and NVMe™
  • Minimal crosstalk, short trace lengths
  • Backward compatibility and interopera-bility
  • Supports SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC oper-ation modes

General Description

The microSD Express Memory Card Test Adapter kits support PCIe® 8GT/s Interface Compliance Program testing for SD7.0 and SD7.10. Data collection via Lab Standard SSMP Test Cables and hard gold mating surface allow for high cycle count inser-tions and reliable performance.

USDX CLB Kit: 640-0957-000
USDX CBB Kit: 640-0956-000

Mated Insertion Loss (no de-embedding)

Mated Return Loss (no de-embedding)