SD Express Test Fixtures CLB and CBB Adapter


  • Supports advanced memory interface protocols of PCIe® and NVMe™
  • Minimal crosstalk, short trace lengths
  • Backward compatibility and interopera-bility
  • Supports SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC oper-ation modes

General Description

The SD Express (Full Size) Memory Card Test Adapter kits support PCIe® 8GT/s In-terface Compliance Program testing for SD7.0 and SD7.10. Data collection via Lab Standard SSMP Test Cables and hard gold mating surface allow for high cycle count insertions and reliable performance.

SDX CLB Kit: 640-0960-000
SDX CBB Kit: 640-0959-000

Mated Insertion Loss (no de-embedding)

Mated Return Loss (no de-embedding)