UFS 4.0協定分析器

Key features:

UFS 4.0 Protocol Analyzer is the industry-first working and tested UFS4.0 Protocol Analyzer. It offers protocol data capture and debugging of data across MPHY, UniPro, and UFS protocol layers.

  • Supports version MPHY 5.0, UniPro 2.0, and UFS v2.1/3.1/4.0
  • Supports PWM G1 to G7 and HS G1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Rate A and B Series
  • Supports one/two data lanes (2 TX and 2 RX)
  • Flexibility to capture very large data using continuous streaming of Protocol data to host computer with 16GB Internal acquisition memory field upgradeable up to 64GB.
  • Interface to host system using USB 3.0.
  • Flexibility to upgrade the hardware firmware using the GbE interface
  • provides easy field up-gradation of FPGA firmware